Oct 12, 2015

Southern Thailand in Pictures

Leaving Malaysia we entered Southern Thailand to reach the river border into Myanmar. Northern Thailand will wait until after leaving Myanmar.

For starters, I literally snuck across the border and back to go to the ATM. The onward train ticket was bought with baht.

The legendary floating market of Hat Yai. Raindrops of the passing storm still fall in the river.

The legendary disappointing prawn stick at the floating market: falsely molded and painted fish balls.

This delicious waffle renewed Elizabeth's faith in Thai street food.

Buddhist crematorium

Elizabeth's guesthouse

Continuing north through the countryside by train

Elizabeth had a hard time eating this chicken foot, apparently it's 'disconcerting'

Heavy surf between Koh Samui and Koh Phangan. Passengers were screaming, crying, and vomiting all over the deck. I felt bad for laughing like I was on a roller coaster.

Releasing of lanterns into the Koh Phangan sky

We kayaked from Koh Tao to a small island off the coast

Hiked up to see the lovely view

The world's first ever selfie panorama! (don't fact check that)

Fire spinning all night long

A rainstorm in the distance at sunset

That's odd, the storm doesn't appear to be moving in one direction or the other. Oh, it's moving directly toward us...

I got a shave, thinking a ladyboy would know how to get the closest shave (turned out to be sub-par at best).

Time for the boat to Myanmar! Waterproof the phone and passport, and get ready for meditation!

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