Nick and Elizabeth are traveling the world! We are going to try to travel from New Zealand to Burma with out stepping foot on an airplane.

During our trip we will be raising awareness (and money) for charity. We are asking you to pledge a donation to one of our causes for each kilometer that we make it without resorting to the skies. Please follow us in the coming months during this journey of sailboats, canoes, feet, skateboards, trains, bicycles, tuk-tuks, jet skis, cars, pogo-sticks, and dinghies.

The NEroute.org concept was born out of our cumulative desire to travel and bring awareness that the world does not end at one’s national borders. In the spirit of helping the world, we have each chosen a charity to support through our campaign. Elizabeth believes strongly in the unifying power of education, and is pleased with the projects she sees being performed by World Education. Their drive toward literacy and providing education for the underprivileged speaks to her beliefs. Nick has chosen to support Médecins Sans Frontières / Doctors Without Borders because of their unrelenting commitment to deliver healthcare to those most in need anywhere on earth.

We plan to stop at active project sites for our charities. Through these direct interaction with those whose lives have been changed, saved, and improved we hope you will be inspired to help make the world a better place.