Feb 17, 2015

Queenstown, NZ

We are here! Thanks to our amazing donors, as of touching down here we are at an estimated $7,200 in pledges to World Education and Doctors without Borders! Currently Nick (Doctors without Borders) is winning by $103. We're quite close, but I (World Education) will pull ahead yet.

After months of planning (and what feels like months of flying) we've finally begun. Adding to the list of reasons to try to get to Burma without flying - intrigue, challenge, and greener travel - we can now add the fact that I don't even want to look at another airplane for as long as we can manage. **Obligatory reinforcement to our parents that yes, we're still planning to fly home... eventually**

The flights themselves were actually not that bad, but anytime you need to take 3 legs to fly somewhere it's going to be less than a cake walk. Wait, now I'm thinking about cake. Do they have cake in New Zealand? Do they have something called cake but it will be different, like ordering chips in England? The important questions. Not that I'm even a huge fan of cake, it's just going to be so exciting discovering things like this while we travel.

Anyway, the flights here. Relatively painless, not a cake walk. In NZ time our flights went:
1pm - 3pm
6pm - 7am
12pm - 2pm

so it really worked out with setting our internal clocks to NZ time. The idea was to stay awake on both short flights as well as the first few hours of the looong flight, sleeping the last 8 hours of that one. Alas, the best laid plans of mice and men...
Side note: I actually had to look this up, the ending to that quote if you want to get fancy is "often go awry."
Well that's the English paraphrasing of the original Scots "Gang aft agley." Impress your friends.

I watched the first hobbit movie, dozed uncomfortably in and out for a while, then gave up and watched the second hobbit movie. I guess it worked out decently, though. It's 4 pm here now and if we stay up for just a few hours more we should be fine in the morning. Piece of cake. Oh no, not cake again. Easy as pie? I think I'm hungry. Time to try some local cuisine!

Thus we begin.

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