Feb 25, 2015

Attack in the night!

Our first night with the camper car were bumbling about inside attempting to set up the sleeping area when were heard a distinct rustling sound coming from amid the grasses outside. Soon these nocturnal noises became a source of alarm, with shining of flashlights to determine the source, but every time there was nothing to be seen. The situation was tense. Unknown beasts stalked us in the dark, and having committed to carry-on luggage we had no defense from our imminent predation. The sounds seemed you surround us on every side. Then I heard the rapid patter of tiny feet across the roof of the car. We had parked on top of a massive nest of mice.

Throughout the night I continued to hear them running all over the car, seeming to sense the loaf of bread tucked into the driver’s seat, seeking to gain entrance for the purpose of unimaginable nibblage as we slept. At one point there was a definite exchange of fisticuffs taking place on the rear bumper, just inches from my head.

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